Spring House Hunting Tips

The Easter Egg, I mean the House Hunt Experience!

If you’ve been to open houses lately, the picture below will look very familiar!  Lot’s of buyers scrambling after too few houses.  The result?  Multiple offers and over asking prices.

easter egg hunt

And really, who can blame them? With 30 year mortgage rates well under 4%, the Boston economy flourishing and rents sky high ($3,500 one bed anyone?), there’s never been a more compelling time to buy.

With the spring market ramping up, I’m happy to share my tips and tools to help make sure you get to put a new home in your Easter basket this spring!

Tips for the Hunt

  • Be prepared for going over asking by looking at homes below the top of your budget. With most properties going over asking, make sure you have room in your budget to allow for that and remain competitive with other buyers.

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